The Ho family has been in casino operation in Macau for more than four decades and laid the foundations for today’s world-leading Macau casino market. Our founder brought the expertise of her family to revolutionize the industry by developing one of the world's first live dealer software. To maintain the highest business standards, all dealers from our Philippine-based studio are trained by Macau land-based professionals. For more than 15 years we keep perfecting our software to offer the most advanced and reliable product for users.



  • Separate handling and storage of the casino platform and player data ensures no potential player data leakage.
  • A dedicated team of experts monitors suspicious player transactions on a 24/7 basis, thereby enhancing an operator’s real-time grasp over business operations.


  • HoGaming’s risk management team is comprised of professionals with years of experience working in Macau’s casino operations.
  • The team provides unmatched expertise in designing table bet limits that safeguard operator’s profitability against potential cross-betting activities.


  • Bet limits can be defined and customised on a per-table and / or per-game basis.
  • Operators can freely select specific combinations of live dealer and / or casino games. Transactions can be handled in a single-wallet / double wallet manner.

International product

HoGaming products are offered in multiple languages, including Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Vietnamese, Japanese, Indonesian, Thai and Spanish.


Over 15 years we have serviced over 200 clients across the globe

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